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Release of ARC Journal Religion and Social Communication, Vol. 20, no. 1 (2022) (01/12) - ARC 13th International Roundtable (02/12)

Submission Guidelines

RELIGION AND SOCIAL COMMUNICATION is the semiannual scholarly journal of the Asian Research Center for Religion and Social Communication (ARC) based at St. John’s University, Bangkok, Thailand. The ARC aims to:  


  • Facilitate, support and publish research on subjects related to Religion and Social Communication in Asia; 
  • Promote related publications in the field; 
  • Develop a network of interested researchers and institution; 
  • Foster interreligious and intercultural dialogue and cooperation in the field. 


RELIGION AND SOCIAL COMMUNICATION invites papers, book reviews and abstracts that provide scholarly insights into the fields of Religion and Social Communication in Asia. The journal welcomes contributions from professional researchers as well as MA and PhD students who are interested to publish their academic work within the themes of Religion and Social Communication. Research articles undergo a peer review process, while essays and articles by invitation of the editors undergo an internal review and editorial process. The ARC reserves the right to accept or decline submitted contributions in order to meet the standards of the publication. We gratefully acknowledge all contributions. 


Author guidelines: 


  • Manuscript must not have already been published or have been accepted for publication in another journal. 
  • Manuscripts may be in the range of 1,000-1,500 words for book reviews; 3,000-4000 words for essays; and 6,000-8,000 words for research articles.  
  • Submissions should follow The Chicago Manual of Style,16th edition, 2010 for in-text citing, footnotes and bibliography; avoid excessively long footnotes. 
  • Include an abstract of 200-250 words (for research articles) and 100-150 words (for essays) and keywords below the main title of the article. 
  • A short biographical note will appear in connection with your article. Please supply your name, position, institutional affiliation, and any pertinent data (about 50 words) such as publications and professional experience that you wish included at the end of your submission. 
  • To qualify for peer review, articles should be based upon sound research and make an original contribution to the fields of religion and social communication.  
  • As the journal targets an interreligious scholarly readership, religious concepts that may not be familiar outside of the tradition should be explained either in the text or footnotes. Moreover, articles should evidence respect for other religious and cultural traditions. 
  • Although the journal gives special attention to the Asian religious and cultural contexts, we also accept papers that address the global milieu and local contexts outside of Asia. 
  • Both British and American English are accepted as long as one or the other is consistently used throughout the entire paper. 
  • Main text – 12 pt. font; footnote – 10 pt. font; single-spaced between words, only one space at end of sentence; single space between paragraphs; no justification 
  • All illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end. 
  • Submit all documents as WORD file.  


For further information, please contact: