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Religion and Social Communication, Vol. 20, No. 2 (2022)

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2023-01-02 11:46 UTC+7 3795

Religion and Social Communication 20, No. 2 (2022)


Need for an Environmental Spirituality Going Forward

Anthony Le Duc, SVD (175-180)


(Re)Discovering the Sacredness of Mount Pulag: A Post-COVID-19 Pandemic Eco-Spiritual Grounding

Rico C. Jacoba and Brigido Dubao (181-200)

Submitted: July 19, 2022; Accepted: August 30, 2022; Published: December 1, 2022

Reviving the Islamic Narratives about the Sacredness of Nature: A Case for Nasr’s Ecosophy as Political Ecology after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mohd. Shazani Bin Masri (201-221)

Submitted: August 22, 2022; Accepted: September 3, 2022; Published: December 1, 2022

Ecological Conversion: What Can We Learn from the African Traditional Religions?

Clement Baffoe, SVD (222-243)

Submitted: April 25, 2022; Accepted: May 21, 2022; Published: December 1, 2022

An Exploration of Cordilleran Students’ Christian Environmentalism (CE) and Environmental Awareness (EA): Towards a Post-COVID-19 Pandemic Response to Laudato Si’

Jeramie N. Molino (244-268)

Submitted: July 15, 2022; Accepted: August 15, 2022; Published: December 1, 2022

Buddhist Environmental Humanism: A Humanistic Spirituality to Promote Ecological Flourishing

Anthony Le Duc, SVD (269-292)

A Response to the Ecological Crisis in the Post-Pandemic World from the Eastern Christian Perspective

Joseph Cao Viet Tuan, CM (293-319)

Submitted: July 14, 2022; Accepted: August 2, 2022; Published: December 1, 2022


Ecological Disaster and the Role of the Church in Indonesia

Batara Sihombing and Desri Maria Sumbayak (320-333) 

Environmentalism for the Post-Pandemic World: Lessons from Jainism and Jain Monks

Bhumi Shah (334-342)

Blessed be the Vulnerable: An Environmental Spirituality Arising out of the Pandemic

John Patrick Murray, OSA (343-353)

Religion, Education, and Ecology in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic in India

Pravat Kumar Dhal (354-368)


Communication Leading to Communion: Social Communications in the Digital Culture through the Catholic Church’s Engagement in Social Media during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Roderick Evans M. Bartolome (369-396)

Submitted: July 14, 2022; Accepted: August 17, 2022; Published: December 1, 2022

Some Pastoral Challenges and Perspectives on Shrines and Pilgrimages in the Philippines in Light of the 500 Years of Christianity Celebration and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kendrick Ivan B. Panganiban (397-417)

Submitted: April 4, 2022; Accepted: June 25, 2022; Published: December 1, 2022


Kanchan K. Malik and Vinod Pavarala (Eds.). Community Radio in South Asia: Reclaiming the Airwaves

Paul A. Soukup, SJ (418-420)

Ismail Fajrie Alatas. What is Religious Authority? Cultivating Islamic Community in Indonesia

Wahyuddin Halim (421-426)

Eric Hoenes Del Pinal, Marc Roscoe Loustau, and Kristin Norget (Eds.). Mediating Catholicism: Religion and Media in Global Catholic Imaginaries

Leo-Martin Angelo R. Ocampo (427 -430)

Minabere Ibelema. Cultural Chauvinism: Intercultural Communication and the Politics of Superiority

Brandon Cadingpal (431-435)