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Topics for ARC 13th International Roundtable

ARC Team 02
2022-11-30 18:48 176

You are invited to participate in the ARC 13th International Roundtable (Online) on the theme: “Religion and Environmental Flourishing: Reflections from the Pandemic Experience.” The program takes place on 2 December 2022 (15.00 BKK, 16.00 MNL), via Zoom. There is no prior registration required. Participants only need to type into your web browser to access the conference room. Participants may request a certificate of participation from ARC for personal purposes.

1669861028-1-anthony-le-duc.jpg 1669861032-2-baffoe.jpg 1669861039-3-shazani.jpg 1669861048-4-tuan-cao.jpg 1669861061-5-jacoba.jpg