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13th International Roundtable - Religion and Environmental Flourishing: Reflections from the Pandemic Experience (02/12)

Rico Casta Jacoba, PhD to be Coordinator of ARC Philippines

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2022-11-14 15:16 996

With the goal to expand its network and promote greater research in the fields of Religion and Social Communication, the Asian Research Center for Religion and Social Communication (ARC), which is based at Saint John’s University (Thailand) has asked Rico Casta Jacoba to be its Coordinator for ARC Philippines.  


Some of the main activities of the local ARC include: 1) Carrying out the mission of ARC in the local context; 2) Organizing conferences (online and/or offline) in English and/or the local language; 3) Publishing research in the fields of Religion and Social Communication in English as well as the local language; and 4) Identifying and support local researchers to introduce their research to an international audience. 


Jacoba has been an ongoing presence in ARC in recent years through the contribution of his research to ARC publications and conferences. He has also been serving as an associate editor of the ARC Journal, Religion and Social Communication


Jacoba is presently a faculty member at Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines. His educational profile includes AB Philos, MA in Rel.ED, MA SpEd, PhD.EM, and PhD Applied Theology. Currently, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Religious Educators Association of the Philippines.

With his academic credentials and professional experience, Jacoba's leadership in ARC Philippines will be valuable to the expansion of the ARC network and the work of promoting greater research in the country.

Jacoba's first task will be to set up a Core Team of collaborators in order to carry out the work relevant to ARC in the Philippines.