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Release of ARC Journal Religion and Social Communication, Vol. 20, no. 1 (2022) (01/12) - ARC 13th International Roundtable (02/12)

Pastoral Creativity amid the Covid-19 Pandemic: Global Experiences

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2022-10-17 15:46 134

Pastoral Creativity amid the Covid-19 Pandemic: Global Experiences

Edited by Anthony Le Duc, SVD and John Mishen (2021)

This book chronicles the pastoral responses that pastoral agents, ordained and lay, implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic from first-person narratives woven together to form a tapestry of rich and moving personal stories. The essays come from over a dozen countries around the world, with many of the authors working in cross-cultural contexts. It also enlists the collaboration of professional theologians to dialogue with these real-world experiences in order to present observations and insights that reveal themselves in these inspiring accounts. The book hopes to contribute to the ongoing conversation and reflection about the various dimensions of the pandemic, in particular, highlighting the pastoral creativity needed to sustain the life of the Church during one of the most dramatic times in contemporary human history.