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Spirituality of Communication as Foundation for a Missional Approach to Digital Culture

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2024-06-11 07:23 UTC+7 64


ISSN 1686-9184


Daniella Zsupan-Jerome


The article seeks to make the case for a Christian spirituality of communication, one that especially addresses the communicative and interpersonal dynamics in digital culture and strives to elevate these toward a disposition of authentic relationality. From this foundation in a Christian spirituality of communication, the article proposes several key theological characteristics as fundamental for a missional approach to digital culture, including revelation, incarnation, communion, truth in context, and announcing hope. The article concludes by proposing a framework for a lived, missional spirituality expressing each of these in the digital context. Living out of this framework offers digital culture greater potential toward human flourishing as a whole.


Christian spirituality, digital culture, theology of communication, relationality, mission and evangelization


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Pages 254-277


Submitted: February 15, 2024; Accepted: April 18, 2024; Published: June 30, 2024